Strapi Headless CMS customization

Revamp your content delivery system with Strapi; a headless open-source CMS platform

Strapi is a well-known open-source headless Content Management System (CMS) tremendously designed and featured to serve digital businesses. We all know, the contemporary competitive era of digital businesses is extending day by day with innovative inclusion of automation and various advanced features. Understanding which platform performs impeccably resulting high-yielding outcomes could be a challenge; where Techouts will help you out. Headless CMS is based on the API-first approach, where the back-end and front-end are decoupled and the content management happens seamlessly with the inclusion of API, ion between. And, we use Strapi as our hero platform to get your traditional CMS transformed into a headless one.

Techouts customizes Strapi benefiting companies on the following:

  • Reduces the time of deployment enhancing the site performance
  • Content Management becomes easy and delivery becomes hassle-free
  • Effortless multi-device experience with streamlined omnichannel strategy
  • Maintenance is easy with extreme security features
  • With ultimate flexibility and less need of resources, the cost of management and maintenance is less

Techouts and Strapi together will bridge the gap between your business and IT teams

  • No limitation to tool exposure and development: The platform is easy to customize and offers endless development opportunities to the developers. It saves a lot of time as it has a wide community of developers assisting each other for faster delivery and effective development.
  • Content management becomes smooth and painless: Strapi will give content managers the full-fledged freedom to manage the content the way they want. With no coding involved and mere interference of developers, this open-source CMS platform will support the content team in coming up with creative content ideas and design options.
  • Scope of flexibility allowing seamless workflow: With a concise and appropriate content delivery approach, Strapi will give Product managers the ability to team up better. With agile methodology, it becomes easy to maintain the workflow within the team.
  • Save on your budget and future-proof the business: Strapi gives business leaders ample opportunities to groom their businesses in various ways. With this customizable open-source platform, you can leverage all the featured tools to reach the market faster. Save your money, save your time and boost your business, with Strapi.

Techouts customize Strapi as per your business needs:

Every business is unique in its ideas, approach, and goal establishments and so Techouts treat businesses according to their requirements. We customize Strapi and use it particularly as per your business needs.

While incorporating Strapi, Techouts also focuses on:

  • Creating personalized content with business-centric API with no hustle
  • Reusing the components whenever needed with utmost components insertion feasibility
  • Developing content relations with inbuilt content-type plug in
  • Updating new content with mere interference of developers, using the dynamic zone features

We know in and out about Strapi; Our real-time enablement of the platform for eCommerce operations is the evidence

With all businesses adopting digital transformation, the absence of a headless architecture can lead to several challenges, including slower time-to-market, massive IT dependency, challenges in optimization, and more. Techouts leverages its expertise in Strapi to use it as a headless CMS to support and serve as a Content-as-a-service (Caas) engine.

With this approach, we majorly leverage Strapi content fragments that allow users to create channel-neutral content with variations. This provides a unified-cum-engaging experience to web visitors across various channels, thus creating a distributed architecture to meet any case.

Starting from website building, creating impelling designs, updating engaging content, streamlining all the content channels, we use Strapi as our role weapon.

At Techouts, we understand the notability of maintaining a digital face and its concerned challenges, so we want to be a support to get your business outlook renovated.

Want to create clear, concise and compelling content with Strapi?

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