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Marketing Automation to Uplift Revenues

Valuing the significance of your resources and time in the competitive world of digital commerce, automating marketing certainly enhances the way you communicate with your audience.

Encompassment of Marketing Automation is the topical demand

The main objective of Techouts MarTech vertical is to streamline the day today marketing activities automatically without any manual intervention. For example; Sending text messages whenever there is a new discount updated, customized push & in-app notifications, remarketing advertisements, etc. could be tedious activities if you rely on manual resources. But all these activities could be automated by implementation of Marketing Automation platforms.

Our Marketing Automation solutions revolutionizes following:

Customer Experience Management and AI:

The best use of automation in contemporary digital businesses is Artificial Intelligence in improving Customer Experience Management and so helping in customer retention. Techouts emphasizes that to stand out in today’s world of emerging businesses, it is important to constantly engage with the audience in real-time with more targeted marketing approaches which includes site personalization, personalized campaigns with campaign monitor automation, customized emails using email marketing automation, and showing results as per user intent.

Customer Engagement:

Poor coordination of customer data and customer needs can create an awful impact on customer engagement. Implementing ways to reach your customers at the right time with relevant real-time engagement should be the main agenda. Techouts with expertise in customizing large and complex Customer engagement platforms like SAP Emarsys, Adobe Experience Platform, and integrating with business cases, build lifetime customers for enterprises.

Customer data segmentation and automation:

Techouts believes that to deliver the best to your customers you have to understand their behaviors keenly. It might be any number of channels, having a centralized Customer Data Platform (CDP) will ease customer segmentation based on use cases, and the catch here is the automated segmenting and ultimately it showcases personalized content results in increased customer loyalty.

Intelligent Content Management:

Creating content and creating content to make the right audience to make potential action, are different as two sides of a coin. At Techouts we can assist you in introducing Inteligent Content Management which will turn each of your content pieces into a revenue-generator. Whether it’s product tagging, content taxonomy, and moderation of image quality, we will get everything handled for your business, from far and wide.

Maintenance of a Workflow channel:

With a lot of ideas and productive activities going on in your business, valuing each and every customer with equal importance could be a great challenge. So, we suggest you infuse Marketing Automation curated by Techouts into your business, with which you can easily keep track of all the touchpoints of your customers. Evaluating customer behavior from trigger, then to action, then to condition with required flow control, we can help you establish a healthy workflow management.

Customer Behavior Analysis:

With interactive marketing, we will help you build a strong connection with your target prospects and to understand who your target audience is, you need to inculcate behavioral marketing automation. When the rising competition to reach out to the right audience at the right time with appropriate selling mode is an uphill battle, Techouts can ease this rough road for you.

Gain customer Loyalty:

Unlike your brick-and-mortar business, you have to be more agile and adaptive to trending tricks and techniques to be the favorite of your customers. Using customized Marketing automation tools, Techouts will assist you to generate a detailed customer-centric lead generation process which will include planning the customer journey aiming for an exceptional engagement, filtering out the right audience for your marketing activities, strengthening customer communication, tracking down their reactions or behaviors and remarketing them with personalized campaigns. Our motto here is to create a strong bond of trust and loyalty between your brand and your customers.

When there are endless advantages of integrating Marketing automation to your eCommerce business, Techouts has got your back to help you go through this smart transition using some of the best Marketing automation tools. We aim to take your business to a height of success with all the trending innovations.

Techouts understands the problems being faced by eCommerce businesses and so values the importance of automating the marketing process. With immense experience in leveraging industry top automation tools and customizing the platforms to suit business needs and resolving all your marketing dilemmas, we transform your traditional business into a digital first enterprise.

Do you want to know more? Reach us at sales@techouts.com.

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