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Integrate your Development and Operation teams to modernize your delivery cycle

Businesses are reaching new heights with a touch of DevOps.

Accommodating diverse requirements and goals of individual businesses has been a challenging task in this era of competition among enterprises. Techouts is best at delivering top-grade services to its customers, helping them stand out among peer companies. We are experienced at inculcating DevOps in business processes easing out day to day development and operation activities. Instead of independently emphasizing on two different teams, DevOps gathers both the teams under one shed resulting in high-yielding outcomes for the business.

DevOps has ample benefits that directly add value to the customer experience and the speed of product delivery-cum-execution. With continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD), the overall consumption of time and manual effort decreases tremendously, inviting more profit and revenue to the business in a shorter time span.

We adopt a planned design cycle for a strategic conversion

With an interactive and agile approach, Techouts follows a certain pattern of activity to accomplish the targets asked for by the clients. The step-by-step phase is like; Plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate, monitor, and with a feedback loop the cycle again comes back to the first step i.e., plan.

Throughout this whole process of iteration till we deliver the best to our customers, with DevOps we create an organized workflow along with the necessary cultural shifts, and adaptive mindsets. Our fundamental focus is driving the whole act of execution towards successful delivery of the product and so we emphasize 4 important aspects related to DevOps:

  1. Actuating automation: With automation in impact, the workflow is maintained automatically without any interruption. Reusing components, cutting down unwanted executions, testing codes, and running them in a repetitive manner, we integrate automation in every business for fool proof outcomes.
  2. Necessitate iterations: With immediate feedback loop, we work on the iteration process without any delay, adding on to the overall speed of the integration and deployments.
  3. Ceaseless implementations: Understanding the client needs and deadline set for the project submission, we trace out the faults and areas of improvements from the feedback report. Then we focus on the constant improvement of the whole project, optimizing the performance, minimizing the time consumed and reducing the cost incurred.
  4. Teaming up: We incorporate a culture in our workplace by teaming up different departments, altogether. The best part of DevOps is; it seamlessly integrates development and operation teams further allowing IT department to collaborate.

Techouts validates a CI/CD pipeline

The motto behind adopting an agile continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipeline is to enable a consistent workflow where all the activities will be lined up at one common store point. CI/CD pipeline in DevOps will ensure the coding, testing and deployment of the application happens without any lag. When the testing team runs the code, and finds the flaws, the deployment team must be ready with necessary resolutions and further development, that’s how our CI/CD pipeline helps us cater to the audience the best service, in no time.

We leverage DevOps with an advanced tool; Kubernetes

Techouts uses Kubernetes of Google, a featured open-source platform to advance the workflow in delivering the projects to its customers. It helps us in hassle-free scaling as well as deployment monitoring all activities are streamlined under one common network. With an enlarged community for support and assistance, Kubernetes is the best tool that will accommodate, automate, and integrate all the deployments without relying on the underlying infrastructure, ensuring top-notch platform security. The perfect combination of DevOps and Kubernetes has helped us meet customer needs efficiently where we expedite the iteration phase to deliver the product within a shorter time span.

We create an impactful change in your business

With an agile methodology and advanced tools with multiple features, Techouts proffers limitless benefits to your business. The top 5 advantages your business can avail from us are;

  • Filling in the communication gap between siloed teams
  • Agile product delivery route ensuring you save time and your money
  • Seamless IT integration with DevOps easing out software development
  • Easy inclusion of DBA (Database Administration) in the release cycle
  • Continuous and faster product delivery

The pro teams we have at Techouts in DevOps

  1. Infrastructure developers
  2. Site reliability engineers
  3. Build and release engineers
  4. Full-stack developers
  5. Automation specialists
  6. CI/CD platform engineers

Our service is meant to deliver you the best outcomes

At Techouts we curiously understand each and every client and with our agile approach we create a customized planner to meet their business goals. We have experienced and certified professionals in DevOps and specified tools, enabling businesses in versatile ways.

Our experience as a service provider in DevOps has been flawless and helped businesses in several domains and verticals, in multiple aspects. We listen to our clients, and strategize our approach benefiting them with more than what they desire. Our mission is to create an impact in the digital world by assisting businesses transform with sterling automation and growth.

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