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At Techouts we empower businesses from different angles, and assessing our clients’ customers is a vital task we cannot afford to disregard. We provide our clients with abundant data about their customers, helping them to take businesslike decisions.

Techouts emphasizes 4 key genres of Customer Data

  • Personal Data: As the name says, personal data is the sum of all the data collected from the personal perspective of a customer. When a customer registers on an eCommerce platform using their personal credentials like; Name, phone number, address, email id, professional information, etc. and, when we are able to get customer information via IP address, device IDs, cookies, etc, collectively all these data of a customer come under personal data.
  • Engagement Data: When someone visits any eCommerce website, clicks or engages on an advertisement in social media platform, opens an email sent by the business, interacts with the business over customer support or makes an action via mobile application, the information of customers accumulated will be termed as engagement data.
  • Behavioral Data: As per the customer's behavior there will be some information gathered, and it is known as behavioral data. How much time a customer spends on the website, which pages they move to, what kind of products attract a customer, what is their recent purchase, why cart abandonment happened, these all things are nothing but a detailed analysis of user intent.
  • Attitudinal Data: Last but not least, this data gives a deep insight into the attitude of customers towards your business. Understanding customer sentiments, factors to be considered for attaining customer satisfaction, surveys after a purchase is made, reviews posted by customers, complaints registered, etc. come under this category of customer data.

All in all, Techouts emphatically focuses on every individual data gathering aspect, and before recommending any business tweak, our professional wizards gather all the above data in a manner way.

Benefits your business can have of collecting consumer data; We will help you out:

  • Understand your customers and their interests
  • Identify the potential audiences
  • Transform consumers into loyal customers
  • Customize audience outreach
  • Hold on to your loyal customers
  • Better your marketing approach (without violating privacy regulations)
  • Learn which tricks worked, and which didn’t
  • Cost-effective, and time-effective
  • Amplify customer experience

Techouts will help you with an independent CDP to track your audience:

We at Techouts use some specific customer data platforms to execute this data gathering activity, and for each of our clients we customize the platform as per their business needs. When we incorporate a lot of platforms for the same, we recommend which platform will suit a business analyzing the uniqueness of the business.

With CDP you can have:

  • 360-degree customer view: A designated CDP will give you a detailed view of customers from different angles. It integrates all the data gathered from different mediums altogether, like; personal data, engagement data, behavioral data, and attitudinal data. Using a wide-angle view of all the info gathered, you can target the right audience at the right time with the right strategy. This is the way to unify all the data in a common thread, and use it effectively further.
  • Personalized Analysis: With the data collected through CDP, you will also know about the visitors who unfortunately could not become your customers. Now is the time to plan to draw their attention with a customized approach. Say, when you put something in your cart, and left the page without checking it out. The custom analysis will help you analyze the reason behind their last-minute back, and you might send them a gripping notification reminding them about their undone purchase.
  • Data democratization: When all the data is gathered at one hub, it becomes easy for all the teams to have a deep look for further stratifications using data democratization of CDP. This is less time-consuming, and it is easy to reach the target without any confusion among the teams working on it.
  • Generate Revenue: When you have a clear insight of the audience interacting with your business you get an idea to penetrate into your target customer zone. Know your customers, give them what they want, build a perfect seller-buyer relationship, and there you go, a perfect revenue generation method.
  • Target new audiences: Along with focusing on existing customers, a business must plan on attracting more eyeballs. Segment your audience, and come up with new plans to target a new set of audience. And, this could be done effortlessly using our customized CDP.

Techouts as your CDP partner; We will tell you how to do it:

Techouts being a technology enabler with more than 10years of experience as a MarTech organization, has worked with a lot of mid-sized and large businesses, boosting their eCommerce. Our expertise in using SAP Emarsys, Adobe CDP, and other trending tools has helped us stand out as the best eCommerce consulting as well as IT solutions partner.

We incorporate every tweak and trick to keep our customers happy so that they can better their business, effeciently. With professional teams and customizable platforms, we have worked with retail, fashion, hospitality media and entertainment, and so on.

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