Confluent Customization and Implementation

Adapt real-time well-defined message streaming approach

With the digital world moving forward, staying updated with changing trends is important and strategizing the business operations, transactions and rendering real-time events approach is one of those trends. With real-time events and data streaming, it becomes exceedingly easy for the organization to trigger any interaction on the fly. It can be a huge volume of data being processed in real-time or trace out and take stand against crooked threats to the business and, also prohibit any growth hindrances to the outcome; this would be possible by incorporating Confluent

Techouts is a Confluent Consulting and SI Partner.

With a lot of data running along and multiple activities being executed, all at once, keeping track of all the events is not only important but also a herculean task. We at Techouts use Kafka, an open-source messaging system and or, Confluent, a centralized cloud platform to organize these real-time streaming tasks.

When the prior focus is to build the streaming data pipeline, Kafka / Confluent helps us come up with a statistically built data pipeline, which will move data from one system to the other seamlessly and will stream the applications in no-time.

Techouts has an experienced and certified team of experts working on Kafka / Confluent who leverages the real-time feature and benefit clients’ businesses. We explore Kafka / Confluent to extract several ways where our clients can have smooth business entitlements securing their data pipeline, effortlessly.

Confluent / Kafka and Techouts: Bestowed businesses with its best outcomes

  • Reach out to your customers with flawless CX: Whether it’s an eCommerce or a retail business, real-time data streaming will help you know if you are able to meet your audience needs or not. With confluent it is easy to organize the data in the inventory, which in turn will help your customers know about the availability of the product without any hustle. This will forge a faultless customer experience by satisfying your customer in their purchase journey.
  • A clear view of analytics and immediate error detection: With customer clicks and their purchase journey, it is easy to track the user intent and understand the pattern. When Confluent keeps all these data in the pipeline, you will be able to see where your strategies are lacking in productivity. With a transparent view of analytics, you will be able to keep your business safe from suspicious threats.
  • Get a wide-angle view of your customers: Techouts will help you collect a bunch of data from systems and Confluent will showcase you unified customer analytics. With all the data in the bucket, your whole sole focus will be on other needed growth activities. Your business will not only know your customers but also will know how to keep them engaged, building a trustworthy bond with them.

At Techouts we nurture your business, your exclusive ideas and high-yielding goals, and so we offer you the best to accomplish all those without any trouble. We have expert brains working creatively to offer customized and target-oriented ideas and we also have outstanding partnered platforms to expedite your growth.

With more than a decade experience, we have been serving versatile domains in different verticals and are glad to share that we have successfully assisted businesses to transform rapidly towards digitalization.

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