Engineering AWS

Techouts reinforces businesses with AWS:

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the top-rated cloud platform with abundant agile tools and features to help businesses accomplish their target with; enhanced customer experience, wallet-pinching budget, and faster delivery. Techouts, a leading Cloud expert assists businesses to leverage the benefits of AWS in many ways. Our mission is to help businesses to understand the platform better and make the best use of the advanced tools and features it has.

Cloud adoption being the top-demanding trend in digital transformation, a recent study by Gartner (Magic Quadrant Research) has placed AWS as leader in driving market transformation. The research says that AWS is the most demanding platform that has topped in both the aspects of a business;

  • Ability to execute: This means the platform gives a seamless experience to its users in terms of task executions, accomplishment of goals, workflow, and time management.
  • Completeness of vision: It implies that AWS has made the best of its contribution helping businesses meet their visions, making them future-ready.
  • Techouts with over a decade of experience in implementing AWS, has in-depth knowledge of the platform and has been assisting businesses in various domains. We have worked with renowned eCommerce and retail enterprises, prestigious healthcare manufacturers, finance industries and ISVs. Our whole sole mission is to guide and actuate a modern approach for businesses using advanced modules in the AWS like Data Lake, Data Science, DevOps as a Service and Data warehouse customization.

With unique business needs, Techouts is pro at using phenomenal AWS solutions:

AWS is a renowned cloud platform with 200+ featured services encouraging small, medium, large enterprises to transform digitally.

Techouts has teams of experienced professionals working closely with the clients helping them understand the services and solutions, as below;

  • AWS Cloud Migration
  • AWS Managed Services Cloud Native Applications
  • Data Lake and Analytics Implementation
  • Microservices
  • Pay-as-you-go model implementation
  • Data Warehouse development
  • DevOps
  • Security
  • Performance Assessment

AWS conjoined with Kubernetes

With AWS being a versatile cloud platform and Kubernetes, a functional-cum-featured advanced tool, Techouts leverages the combo to boost client business. When we integrate AWS, it makes the Kubernetes function seamlessly leveraging the most benefits to the overall business.

We back you up for effortless migration to AWS, step by step:

  • Cloud Assessment Phase: The foremost thing to start with is understanding the resources and IT structure, to know if the business is ready for migration. We assess cost incurred, architecture of business and security handles.
  • Proof of Concept Phase: Here, we come up with some assumptions and ideas and incorporate them to understand if they are feasible for the business or not. With AWS fitment, we build a support system within the organization
  • Application Migration Phase: This is the stage where we start migrating Software applications from one center to another with Hybrid migration and Forklift migration strategy. This phase could last a little longer than the previous ones.
  • Data Migration Phase: In this transforming phase, with live migration all the data will be migrated to the virtual cloud from the computing environment, leveraging different storage options.
  • Leverage the cloud Phase: Without disturbing the physical cloud infrastructure of the business, here we start full-fledged use of cloud infrastructure, migrated fresh. It will support auto-scaling, flexibility and flawless automation.
  • Optimization Phase: As the name suggests, this is the final phase, where we come up with a feedback cycle and assess which factors to be considered and reworked, making the business future-ready. With keen monitoring, we evaluate the performance of the migration happened and will recommend further need of re-engineering.
  • Techouts amplify your business with a stellar touch of AWS

    We have worked with large and mid-sized enterprises and have successfully incorporated the cloud technology utilizing AWS to its maximum. Techouts with efficient teams skilfully handled each and every service in the AWS and offered plethora of business benefits to our clients and our expertise in customizing AWS and blending right tech approach with AWS to suite business requirements has made us the best at what we do!

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