Shared Services For AEM
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Shared Services For AEM

In this professional era, no company can afford to be an expert at everything, particularly with regards to something as significant as your web content management system and the company’s online presence.
Organizations today need to run and maintain dozens of brands from numerous different sites and on social and mobile platforms, and many of them prefer Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for their Content Management System. AEM not just presents a multitude of enhanced features that help to create personalized customer experiences, but it also allows websites to be conveniently managed from a centralized platform.
However, it takes qualified expertise to manage an Adobe Experience Manager environment, which is composed of a complicated infrastructure.

Let’s have a glimpse of the key benefits of shared services:

  • Monitoring your AEM environment round the clock
    Your IT staff may not find it worthwhile to include the management of your AEM environment on top of all their other responsibilities, for example, your company’s network and email platforms, financial, inventory, ERP systems, and CRM and marketing automation, to name just a few.

  • Focus on Core Business
    Outsource the management of the AEM platform and focus on your core business. Concentrate on your resources as to what you do best. Your primary business is where your core competencies lie, which gives your organization a competitive edge, enables it to grow, and provides you with a larger return on investment.

  • Cost Control and Reduction
    Outsourcing the management of your AEM environment further provides you with the control and reduction in expenses as you’ll be able to move your maintenance costs from variable to fixed. It additionally facilitates the company to receive efficient services at a low cost and reduces the expense of recruitment and training as AEM experts will be readily available with efficiencies in proprietary monitoring tools. Since AEM experts stay abreast with the latest technology updates, it enables the company to avail the service of highly experienced and trained experts to execute their work more efficiently and swiftly.

  • Increase in Productivity
    Without the intrusion of non-vital responsibilities like the regular supervision of your AEM, your company will be able to take advantage of opportunities more quickly – concentrating its efforts on creating and launching new products and services.

  • Risk Minimization
  • This can be accomplished by outsourcing the requirements to a qualified AEM-managed professional services company. There will be a decline in the risk of making wrong decisions because of any lack of technical expertise. A credentialed and experienced AEM managed professional services firm will offer an undeniable high-level Service Level Agreement (SLA), and keep your AEM environment up-to-date efficiently and effortlessly by automating the process using specialized tools.

  • Updated with Current Technology
  • Current technology will be easily accessible by AEM experts as they take care of everyday tasks such as software updates, patches, and backups. Also, by focusing on just AEM and working with a wide variety of clients in diverse industries, they even get access to the most exceptional technology processes that you can take advantage of.

  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Flexibility and Scalability will be in your hands as you simply use and pay for what you need by either granting full control of your AEM environment to a professional managed services firm or simply expanding your in-house department by integrating outsourced resources with onsite staff.

  • Strategic consulting and future planning
  • This can be effortlessly executed as AEM professional services companies stay abreast with the latest technology and have years of expertise working with different clients and industries using AEM. They can guide and recommend their clients on their strategic future web content management infrastructure and process needs. This is based on the client’s unique business and their growth plans.

  • Drive more value from your AEM investment
  • Outsource your AEM services to a qualified third-party company to drive an added value from your AEM investment. This will allow you to focus on your core business, control maintenance and monitoring costs, experience more up-time, efficiency, and productivity, and have access to some of the most proficient AEM professionals, and latest processes and trends.

    With Techouts as your technology partner for AEM, you can scale your operational processes much more efficiently, enabling your business to grow in the ways it needs most. We are a long-standing Adobe implementation partner and help businesses benefit from our extensive knowledge to maximize use of the AEM and AMS and achieve peak performance. With our Adobe certified professionals, we have the technical expertise to operate AEM and ensure you attain the highest ROI from our services.

    If you are ready to unlock the full capabilities of your AEM solution, contact us today!

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